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Italians and coffee: an everlasting tradition

Italians have a special bond with coffee. Even though not everyone likes drinking coffee, we all love the amazing exotic aroma it brings with it and the faraway countries it evokes. Italy is the country of coffee and coffee drinkers. This is a fact. About 97% of Italians drink coffee, but contrarily to common perception, Italy is not the top consumer of coffee in the world. According to  research, Finland, Norway, and Iceland are the first three countries that consume […]

Namaste Delhi: a quick guide on how to order at an Indian restaurant

namaste delhi We all love Indian food. It is unique, it warms up chilli winter days and it is made to share. Besides, the spices used in the food have health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties that make it all the more worth eating. Nevertheless, if it is your first time at an Indian restaurant, to know and pick something out of the menu can be extremely daunting. There are so many varieties of food that some people can find it […]

Gulab Jamun, the edible rose of India

Gulab jamun - Namaste Delhi
Gulab Jamun with ice cream
Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun, queen of sweets
There are heaps of sweets to go round in india at every time of the year: from jalebi, to halwa to modak to soan papdi, these delicacies complete any event perfectly and considering the variety of festivals that india boasts, you will be spoiled with choice.
But among all those, the queen of them all is without a doubt the beloved gulab jamun.
My first memory of gulab jamun is out of this world. I tasted it for the first time during my first journey to india and it has been my favourite indian dessert ever since. Its soft touch against my palate and the cardamom rose taste captured my sweet tooth forever. And I am not generally on the sweet side as I like savoury dishes best!
Gulab jamun is one of the many scrumptious treats that Namaste Delhi has in store for its customers who are eager to satisfy their sweet tooth. It is one of the many delicacies that you can find in india particularly during special occasions like weddings, festivals such as diwali, holi to name but a few.
It is served hot with ice cream to complement the taste and offer that perfect balance between hot and cold.
It is the most loved sweet by indians in india and abroad and not only! It is also very popular in many countries and widely appreciated by other nationalities too.
History of gulab jamun
But where is this delightful sweet originated from? This delicacy that you can commonly find on the shelves in any supermarket today, actually boasts ancient roots that are worth exploring. It is believed that this sweet was originated from persia and then invaded india during the mughal empire.
It is very similar to an arabic dessert named luqmat-al-qadi, which was introduced to india with the invasion of mughal emperors. One of the theories also claims that it was invented by the mughal emperor shah jahan’s personal chef.

There are other untold stories surrounding this delicacy but one thing is for certain: these round cheesy balls fried in oil will take over your taste buds and the full flavoured rose or cardamom scent will ravish you at the first bite. It melts in your mouth like fluffy snow and paired with ice cream, it offers the perfect climax to any meal.

The etymology of Gulab Jamun
Where does this name ‘Gulab Jamun’ come from for this delectable sweet dish? The world ‘Gulab’ was derived from the Persian word ‘gol’ and ‘ab’ which respectively meant flower and water which referred to the rose water scented syrup. “Gulab” also means rose in Hindi which suits perfectly the rose syrup used to cook it. The other word ‘Jamun’ is the Hindi-Urdu word for the popular Indian fruit Black Plum which is very close in shape and size.
These small cheese balls are dipped into sugar syrup which is flavoured with green cardamom and rose water, kewra or saffron. This is how the most traditional and simple Gulab jamun is prepared. Decide to treat yourself today and come to taste our Gulab Jamun to complete your meal, add ice cream to it and finish with a bang!


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TAPAS STYLE DINING WITH NAMASTE DELHI I have some special memories of Namaste Delhi for one simple reason… it was the last restaurant I went to before the lockdown arrived. So I’m delighted to say it was a memorable evening, with good food and good company. After all, if you are going to dine tapas style, there’s only really one way to do it – with friends. Especially with friends who are busy enthusing somewhere they’ve tried and loved and […]

Aberdeen football club BOA (by official appointment) partnership status

Aberdeen football club BOA (by official appointment) partnership status Namaste Delhi are happy to announce the By Official Appointment partnership status with Aberdeen Football Club. Namaste Delhi and AFC are united to bring amazing offers to AFC customers! AFC FANS will be able to check Namaste Delhi offers on the AFC website under the BOA Partners offers. The offers can be easily redeemed by clicking on the link provided and that will direct them to Namaste Delhi website. BOA partnership […]

Samosa Chaat, sensational Indian street food

Samosa Chaat, sensationally appetizing There is much more to Indian food than just curries. Samosa Chaat is the culinary proof of this statement. When I first went to India I was tantalised by all the amazing flavours, aromas and spice sellers on the streets. I wanted to totally immerse myself in this ocean of new scents, colours and completely unique flavours. When I tasted Samosa Chaat for the first time, I was absolutely ravished. So let’s dive into this iconic […]

Scrumptiously dazzling Afternoon Tea with an Indian twist: Seamlessly stylish

Afternoon tea for one £18.95 and £34.95 for two! If you are looking to enjoy your classical afternoon tea but you are in the hunt for a notch more, then you can stop searching! With its pioneering concept of afternoon tea, Namaste Delhi is ready to delight customers by putting on a show with a carousel of flavours and colours right in front of you. We can proudly say to be the only Indian restaurant in Aberdeen to propose this […]