Memorable corporate events at Namaste Delhi: from cooking classes to rangoli and divine dining!

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Namaste Delhi, Indian restaurant. Spacious and elegant venue for your events.


Namaste Delhi is an innovative Indian restaurant in Aberdeen city centre. We have a spacious, elegant venue that we use for corporate events big or small and we can host up to 100 to 120 guests at one time.

As events hosts, we always strive to create unforgettable experiences for our guests. Events are now part of our brand, who we are as a business. We love organising events, from the planning to the set-up, to the day itself and everything in between, primarily building trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our venue offers a cosy, colourful soothing atmosphere perfect for any event be it corporate, networking, team building or celebrations with friends, stag or hens do’s, birthday parties, anniversaries and the venue is free of charge, which is a bonus!

Our events are bespoke, which means they are tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements to make sure we run the event according to their expectations and we take pride and effort to even exceed them.

We incorporate cooking and cocktail classes in addition to the dining experience, but first of all let’s talk about the venue itself.

The venue

Our venue is spacious, high-end and it is located in the heart of Aberdeen city centre.

It is very colourful, elegant with a grand piano for musical evenings especially during Christmas.

We have decorated the premises paying attention to small details: from the traditionally decorated cupboards at the entrance, to the vibrant panels on the pillars, to the stylish silky multicoloured saris, (the traditional Indian dress that women wear in India, some on a daily basis some on special occasions), draped on the walls to adorn the upper dining area.

We want guests to have a glimpse of the real India as soon as they come in. You are welcomed by the smell of spices coming from the kitchen, small silver elephants at the windows will great you and the beautiful ornated pink and golden candle holders create a cosy and soothing ambiance. Everything plays its part to recreate the beauty, the essence and the vibrancy of the country of colours to gratify the eyes and inebriate the minds.

The bar boasts a wide range of spirits and wines, not to mention the refreshing cocktails/mocktails that our mixologist can quickly blend for our guests, conjuring the perfect concoction of well-balanced ingredients.

The venue is perfect for your corporate events!


Cooking classes…India at your doorstepCorporate events, divine dining experience.

As part of your corporate event, we can integrate

our signature cooking masterclasses.

During our cooking classes that are offered as part of the event, our Indian chefs will guide you through how to cook a proper traditional Indian meal from starter to mains.

Every cooking class takes place in the kitchen. This is where our chefs work hard every day to provide the best culinary experience to each guest visiting our restaurant, every time. Running classes in the kitchen allows us to build a relationship of trust and reliability with our customers, as how many restaurants can you name that allow guests behind their kitchen’s doors?

The dishes include an onion bhaji, daal tadka, chicken curry, plain basmati rice and naan but guests can choose other items if they want a different menu for their event as long as we know the choices beforehand! You can choose to actively take part or just watch the process and take notes.

Whatever you choose, you will drift away to India, learning about spices, their benefits and properties, its unique flavours and how Indian people cook from scratch at home.


Cocktail classes…a must for a good banter

As part of your corporate event, your team will get to try their hand behind the bar!

Our cocktail classes are fun and entertaining, they are a must if you want to grow your team spirit and have fun with your team.

Our mixologist will guide you through a journey into the spirits world and the best part is you can make your own creation and generate a bit of banter with your colleagues or friends.

Gins, vodka, whiskies and rums will leave you with a good amount of knowledge of how to make your own creative potion at home and surprise friends!

Divine dining…

Our dining experience is the final touch to your corporate event.

Whether you choose to have the food cooked during the cooking class or different options from our menu, you are in for a treat.

Our food will make your palate sing taking you on an unforgettable journey to India.

Our food is homemade style as Indian people cook at home, with fresh spices, simple ingredients, skilfully blended together to create a unique rich flavour for every dish.

Every dish is cooked separately to generate a unique flavour and to bring the real taste of India to Aberdeen.

Events to remember

We have had the pleasure to host a great variety of events with different companies, from ABN networking to BNS to oil and gas like Shell, Total, BP, Icota, Bumi Armada and many more.

We have also hosted 120 people from Aberdeen University.

Whatever format you choose, our guests will cherish these memories for a long time.

Our events vary from networking, to corporate to parties and they are all tailored to our client’s needs and requirements. We can also accommodate events to take part outwith the usual opening times and our cooking and cocktail classes can take place any day of the week as part of an event.

To book your special event contact us at [email protected]  or [email protected]

Life is an event. Make it memorable. At Namaste Delhi we do just that. We create memories.

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