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Cooking Masterclass

Namaste Delhi Introduce the Art as well as Science of Indian cooking school as the first restaurant in Aberdeen.

Britons have loved and enjoyed curries over 300 years. There are many Versions of curries cooked in Britain today. From Vindaloo to Chicken Tikka Masala to Kedgeree to even going as far as the humble curry and chips, and off course not limited to inventing the Madras Curry Powder.

We here at Namaste Delhi focus on great Indian dishes prepared with information and ease. Our goal is not only to learn to cook Indian food but also have fun while learning. Our Chef will be involved with you so that you don’t just observe but be involved and have a memorable experience.

  • Introduction of the Chef
  • Introduction to the regions of India
  • Origins of spices & it’s medicinal use
  • Influence of dynasties and cultures in Indian Cuisine
  • Introduction to the menu of the day
  • List of Ingredients to be used
  • Preparation of creating perfect Indian food
  • Creating masterpiece & enjoying it

This Cooking Masterclass allows you to participate in one of our signature cooking experiences. Learn to cook (starter and two mains with rice and naan) and enjoy what you've prepared.

Days & Time Slot: Saturday from 12.00 to 14.30pm and Sunday from 15.00 to 17.30pm

Total time – 2.5 Hours

£39 instead of £78 for ONE | £75 instead of £150 for TWO

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