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Take Away


Chicken Tikka
8.45 GBP
Tender chicken morsels double marinated in spices and yoghurt cooked on tandoor.

Tangri Qabab
8.45 GBP
Old Delhi delicacy of chicken drumsticks marinated with tandoori masala and yogurt and cooked in tandoor (on-bone).

Chicken Pakora
7.25 GBP
Chicken dipped in a spiced gram flour batter and deep-fried.

Lamb Chops
9.75 GBP
Tandoori style lamb chops marinated in a curry spiced yoghurt cooked on tandoor.

Amrisari Fish Pakora
7.45 GBP
White Fish dipped in a spiced batter Amritsari style and deep-fried.

Tuna Tikki
7.15 GBP
Fine minced Tuna cutlets mixed with potatoes, fresh ground spices enveloped in panko breadcrumbs & deep fried just the way Scotland loves.

Samosa Chaat
7.45 GBP
1.25 billion's absolute favourite, triangular pastry filled with potatoes & spices. Served Indian style with masala chick peas, yogurt and chutney.

Mixed Vegetable Pakora
6.75 GBP
Karahi fried mixed vegetable pakora.

Paneer Tikka Ajwaini
7.45 GBP
Cottage cheese in spicy yoghurt and caraway seed marinade.

Chapatey Aloo
6.95 GBP
Delhi street delight of spicy potatoes, found at North Indian road side hawkers.

Main dishes

Delhi Murg Makhani
8.95 GBP
Tender marinated chargrilled spring chicken cooked in traditional tomato & cream gravy, A MUST TRY DISH.

Delhi Chilli Chicken
8.45 GBP
A delicious dish with an Indian adaptation of a Chinese recipe. Battered fried chicken tossed with peppers, onion, chilli and soy sauce.

Murg Saag
8.45 GBP
North India's classic chicken dish cooked with spinach & cream.

Methi Murg
8.95 GBP
Tender chunks of chicken cooked with assorted spices and fresh Methi (fenugreek) leaves.

Murg Qorma
8.75 GBP
A North Indian delicacy from Lucknow relished by the Nawabs & British Governors is a take on rich & nutty chicken with subtle spices (on the bone – the way you get in Delhi).

Lamb Roganjosh
10.25 GBP
Boneless Lamb delicacy from Kashmir, low cooked with yogurt and traditional Indian warm spices.

Rajasthani Laal Maans
10.25 GBP
A traditional Rajasthani dish of smoked lamb cooked in onion, tomato & Indian spices, A MUST TRY DISH.

Railway Lamb Curry
9.95 GBP
Originated during the colonial era, served for first class passengers on the Indian Railway is a take on coconut flavoured lamb curry with potatoes.

Keema Mutter
9.95 GBP
North Indian classic- minced lamb cooked with garden peas and spices.

Lamb Saag
9.95 GBP
Tender lamb prepared with spinach and home style masalas.

Prawn Moilee
9.95 GBP
Prawns simmered in coconut milk, enhanced with turmeric, garlic and curry leaves.

Tandoori Pomfret
8.75 GBP
A delicious warm water Pomfret delight, marinated with exotic flavours of spices and grilled in tandoor (fish on bone).

Daal Chingri
9.75 GBP
Yellow lentils cooked with prawns and spices originating from Eastern part of India (Inspired from CR Park Delhi).

Aloo Gobhi
7.45 GBP
The simple, every man's dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and Indian spices

Malai Kofta
8.15 GBP
North Indian delicacy of paneer and potato dumplings served with creamy sweet onion and tomato gravy (Contains Nuts).

Saag Paneer
7.85 GBP
Saag paneer is a classic Punjabi dish of cooked spinach studded with cubes of cottage cheese.

Amritsari Pindi Chole
7.25 GBP
Straight out of the heart of Punjab in North India a spicy preparation made by chickpeas with an onion tomato masala.

Aubergine Bharta
7.85 GBP
This national dish of India or the poor man's mince is a take on roasted mashed aubergines cooked with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and ginger

Maa Ki Daal
7.45 GBP
The heart throb dish of India - Black lentils cooked with cream and butter on slow fire overnight.

Punjabi Daal Tadka
7.35 GBP
Yellow lentils cooked in Punjabi style and tempered with spices.

Paneer Lababdaar
8.15 GBP
Cottage cheese cooked with creamy onion and tomato masaala

Paneer Butter Masala
8.15 GBP
Paneer in a rich, creamy and aromatic gravy made of butter, onions & tomatoes.

Aloo Saag
7.5 GBP
Traditional & healthy Indian side dish combined with potato, spinach and masala.

Bhindi Do Pyaaza
7.95 GBP
Okra cooked with lots of onions and Indian Masalas. Give it a try with Paratha and Black Daal.

Lucknawi Dum Pulao Chicken (Biryani)
9.35 GBP
Chicken marinated and cooked along with the rice on slow fire or Dum for a fragrant and aromatic flavour.

Lucknawi Dum Pulao Lamb (Biryani)
10.35 GBP
Lamb marinated and cooked along with the rice on slow fire or Dum for a fragrant and aromatic flavour.

Lucknawi Dum Pulao Vegetable (Biryani)
7.95 GBP
Mixed vegetables cooked along with the rice on slow fire or Dum for a fragrant and aromatic flavour.


2.5 GBP
The most staple bread of India made with flour dough in a tandoor.

Keema Naan
3.45 GBP
Naan bread filled with minced lamb.

Peshewari Naan
3.45 GBP
As sweet as they come.

Lachcha Paratha
2.5 GBP
Layered paratha with crispy, flaky yet soft texture that goes perfect with any curry dish.

Jeera Rice
3.25 GBP
All time classic basmati rice tempered with roasted cumin

Mutter Pulao Rice
3.6 GBP
Basmati rice cooked with onion, peas & bouquet garnish of spices.

Basmati Rice
2.95 GBP
No nonsense Plain & Simple! Long grain basmati rice

Poppadum with chutney
1.95 GBP


Coca Cola (330ml)
2.75 GBP

Lemonade (200ml)
2.1 GBP

Tonic Water (200ml)
2.1 GBP

Ginger Ale (200ml)
2.1 GBP

Fentimans (275ml)
2.7 GBP
A sublime selection of soft drinks, sure to satisfy your cravings

Belu Water (750ml)
3.2 GBP

Punk IPA (330ml)
4.2 GBP

25 GBP
Prosecco falls

Vendange White Zinfandel (Rose)
18.95 GBP
Light and sweet | USA

Pinot Grigio Rosato
19.95 GBP
Dry, with a hint of fresh summer-berries | Italy

Berri Estates Shiraz (Red)
19.95 GBP
Medium-bodied and fruity , with a hint of raspberry, cherry and plum | South Eastern Australia

Errazuriz 1870 Cabarnet Sauvingnon (Red)
23.95 GBP
Mouth-filling blackcurrants and cherries with a gentle vanilla-spice finish