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Lamb Mains


A popular Indian dish made from lamb, lentils and Indian spices, mild and rich with just enough heat to satisfy most tastes.


Originated during the colonial era, served for first class passengers on the Indian Railway is a take on coconut flavoured lamb curry with potatoes.

Lamb Roganjosh (Curry)

Boneless Lamb delicacy from Kashmir, low cooked with traditional Indian warm spices

Lamb Rara (Semi-Dry)

North Indian speciality combing morsels of lamb along with minced meat

Rajasthani Laal Maans (Curry)

A traditional Rajasthani dish of smoked lamb cooked in onion, tomato & Indian spices, A MUST TRY DISH

Keema Mutter (Semi-Dry)

North Indian classic- minced lamb meat cooked with garden peas and spices