Namaste Delhi

Terms And Conditions for promotions

Any vouchers/discounts issued by or on behalf Namaste Delhi Ltd are subject to the following terms and conditions:

~ Any promotion/voucher/discount is considered as a single use item, unless it explicitly states otherwise.

~Promotions/vouchers and discounts are all subject to a restricted party size of 4 people – this means that any party of 5 or more people will not be eligible to use the promotion/voucher or discount, even if seated on separate tables .

~Promotions/vouchers and discounts do not work in conjunction with one and other and are not exchangeable for money or any other goods, that are not outlined in said promotion/voucher or discount.

~Namaste Delhi Ltd reserves the rights to retract/alter and in any way change the terms at any given point.

~The Manager/supervisor on duty is the final authority when redeeming any promotion/voucher or discount and may refuse to accept them.

For any further information you can contact us at –

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